Wednesday in East Village &Tribeca, Thursday-Fashion Week kick Off!

NYC Fashion Week arrived yesterday! The day before on Wednesday was fun, my friends Debbie and Soraya La Pread and I went to Jaiko’s album release party. He ‘s the new Capital artist from Barbados. Mark my words; he’s the next Chris Brown (minus the domestic violence part). We went to Randy’s party (the founder of Village People- the cowboy). Then we went to the Bowery Hotel to meet a friend, then next door to the Bowery Electric to listen to some great 80’s music and enjoyed free jello shots. Then Soraya and I got lost in the East Village(where I fell in love with a singer songwriter’s music as he played the piano and sang on stage in a cute little diver bar), and St. Marks (boho central), before meeting up with Sorayas friends from New Zealand (where she was raised too) at the hipster joint “Lit”, where we danced the night away. We ran into Micha Barton there again. The next day was the “Fashion Night Out” city wide party ,where all of Manhattan partied in the dept. stores, boutiques and streets! I saw so many people from LA I know, and it was fun. Then I headed over to meet my friend Courtani (NYC PR superstar!) at the Roca Wear party where Jay Z and Beyonce attended, and all the cool hip hop people folks were at. Shout out to my boy BJ Coleman who I had not seen since we were riding in a limo with Naomi Campbell, Quincy Jones and Terrance Howard 2 or 3 years ago after a Pre Grammy party. After the Rocowear party, Courtani and I went to meet up with some folks in Tribeca, stayed out too late, and ate too much food before going to bed. Today is the 2nd day of Fashion Week, and it’s raining, and I’m not happy about that, as I got my hair did yesterday! Black girl’s hair and the rain do not see eye to eye on many things. I was gonna do a special episode for “Ashley and New York TV” at the September 11 Memorial site, but it’s raining, and my video guy does not want to go. But much love to all the families who lost loved ones due to war. Better go get ready to go out for another long night. This time I won’t forget my umbrella- ella -ella!

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