"DUMBO Arts Festival"

Today, my friend Brad and I went to the 13th Annual DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival. DUMB0 (which is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a cute little neighborhood in Brooklyn which is home to many emerging artists. My roommate says DUMBO is a more “contemporary version of Williamsburg”, which is also an artsy neighborhood on Brooklyn. The festival we went to today was all over the neighborhood, in a couple parks, on the streets and in some buildings. One theme of many artworks that stood out for me was cleaning up the environment. Many of the artists chose social and political issues to convey through their art work. As I write this blog, Michael Moore is being interviewed on Larry King about his new doco “Capitalism: A Love Story”, he is such a hero, and I love how he speaks the truth, even if some people would prefer to stay in ignorant bliss. Back to the festival, there was a human sculpture of a person draped in recyclable materials, who spoke out against pollution. There were musicians and dancers outside cafes. Maybe next year I will submit some of my drawings or paintings to the festival. I really like Brooklyn, and am considering moving there because Manhattan is so expensive. We will see what happens. Tomorrow the festival continues, so check it out at www.dumboartfestival.com. Enough of Brooklyn for now, gotta go party in Manhattan!

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  1. i LOVE dumbo....i wish i could have gone this to this year's festival. thanks for the view :)