Winter Antique Show's Young Collectors Night Benefiting East Side House Settlement

I had the most enjoyable time at the Winter Antique Show's Young Collector's Nightat the Park Amory, which benefited the East Side House Settlement. I saw the most loveliest pieces of furniture and artwork, and as usual in New York, everyone was dressed to impress! I ran into Nate Berkus who I had met years ago before he got his own talk show, I'm so proud of him! I saw some girl friends of mine, such as Dawne Marie, Shannon and Lisa. The thing I didn't like about the party is that it had to end :(

Elizabeth Meigher, who co-chaired the event, tells Ashley and New York:

"I always enjoy the annual Winter Antiques Show’s Young Collectors Night. It’s a fun evening and a great opportunity for the younger set to mix and mingle and familiarize themselves with all of the fantastic interior designers featured in the show. Most importantly, all of the proceeds benefit East Side House Settlement, a community resource in the South Bronx that enables families, children and students to lead more fulfilling lives."

Alexis Clark, Senior Editor for the magazine,Town & Country (one of my favorite magazines) was in attendance and tells Ashley And New York:

"The Young Collectors Night is a smart party. It's a chance for younger art enthusiasts to gain access to the world of antiques, as well as socialize and have a good time."

Cator Sparks tells us,

"It's always refreshing to see that people our age are interested in more than just contemporary design. There were so many treasures to take in it was an feast for the eyes!"

w/ Nate Berkus of "The Nate Berkus Show"

w/ Elizabeth Meigher, co-hair of the event

(L-R) Ashley NYC, Pat Harris of East Side House Settlement, Dawne Marie Grannum

(Far right) Alexis Clark (Senior Editor of Town & Country Magazine)

(L-R) Aisha Christian Royall, Ashley NYC, Dawne Marie Grannum, Shannon Hales

w/ East Side House Settlement staff and supporters

(Center) Cator Sparks

Lisa Yom (second from left), Clay Floren (far right)

I've always had a thing for happy rainbows :)



National Coalition for Shelter Hosts Event at Mauboussin

Ashley NYC, marketing guru & socialista Susan Shin, Beata Boman(fashion designer)

I was invited by my friend Kathleen to an event at Mauboussin on Madison Avenue. It was a really fun party, which helped raise awareness for the National Coalition for Shelter.

Kathleen Giordano tells us, "I, along with everyone at Mauboussin on Madison Avenue, braved the inclement weather conditions to support NCS. The National Coalition for Shelter is a fabulous organization. It was established in 1982 by religious and community leaders zeroing in on the homelessness primarily on the Upper East Side of the Manhattan. Their premise is strong: it is the responsibility of the entire community. NCS offers an assortment of programs such as, housing, counseling and substance abuse treatment, employment, and educational programs. Their initiatives and support continue to transform the lives of so many people!!"

w/ social butterfly Dawne Marie Grannum

Ashley NYC, Katheen Giordano(stylist, reality TV star), Muyinot A. Raji (Event Consultant/Designer)

Natacha Horn (artist, multi-media), Dovanna Pagowski
Muyinot A. Raji, Matt Semino, Esq., Linette Semino


Dawne Marie Grannum Hosts "Brunch with Friends" at Sarabeth's in Lord & Taylor

(L-R)Jean Shafiroff, Dawne Marie Grannum, Ashley NYC, Joy Marks

I had the most lovely brunch yesterday with the most friendly and eclectic group of New York ladies. Last year I had the privilege of meeting NYC social butterfly, Dawne Marie Grannum, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is out. Since then we’ve become pals. Dawne really likes to live life to the fullest, working hard in the day in Risk Management, but making sure to be fabulous and have fun at some of New York’s most stylish events and parties. We have some mutual friends, and after attending her brunch gathering, I now have more friends. It was really a great way to start off the New Year. Most of my closest girlfriends live in Southern California where I am from, so it was a treat to spend time with new friends.

The brunch was at New Yorkers favorite brunch chain, Sarabeth’s, and the location was at Lord & Taylors! I felt like I was on an episode of Sex & the City: eating a gourmet brunch adjacent to some the most fashionable clothes and shoes that Lord & Taylor is known for!

One of the divas in attendance was New York social personality, stylist and TV reality star from “Single in the City”, Kathleen Giordano. I asked her to reflect on the experience, and she tells us:
“Who says New Year's Eve has to be celebrated on December 31st? Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a New Year's gathering at Lord and Taylor's Sarabeth's Restaurant on Fifth Avenue. This was a fabulous and cozy celebration of the most magnificent and talented women around the city. Our beautiful and gracious hostess, Dawne Marie Grannum, came up with this amazing idea for her friends to meet, network, laugh, rejoice and ring in the New Year with mimosas and smoothies! I, along with a handful of others, actually closed the restaurant down at 4:30 p.m........yes, you read it right the first time....4:30 p.m. and not a.m.! It was an incredibly fun time had by all. Thank you Dawn Marie and I wish you a very Happy Happy New Year full of love, fun, health and beautiful memories!!! “
Here’s to 2011, which is all about making new friends!

Standing:L-R: Joy Marks, Carolyn Thornquist, Samantha Park, Lisa Yom, Shannon Hales, Vevlyn Wright, Anna Kuchma, Ashley Sousa, Muyinot Raji, Kathleen Giordano, Saleda Bryant, Dorothy Joseph, Jean Griffin, Amber De Vos Seated:L-R:Sabrina Wirth, Bianca Kawecki, Dawne Marie Grannum, Jean Shafiroff, Emily Feinstein
(L-R) Emily Feinstein, Dorothy Joseph, Ashley NYC, Tanya SooHoo, Sabrina Wirth (L-R) Muyinot Raji, Saleda Bryant, Ashley NYC, Sabrina Wirth, Dawne Marie Grannum, Lisa Yom

(L-R) Jean Shafiroff, Robin Kearse, Kathleen Giordano

(L-R) Lisa Yom, Muyinot Raji, Saleda Bryant, Ashley, Samantha Park
(L-R) Chef Brian Donnelly, Jasmine Fourquet, Nidhi Nandwani, Dawne Marie Grannum, Mahmooda (last name?), Stephen Jacobsen, Christopher Lodge
Dawne always wears the cutest shoes, she's so Carrie Bradshaw!
All the ladies who attended recieved a lovely gift bag from Dawne, which included a signed copy of Alexandra Lebenthal's new book "The Recessionistas"! (I'm loving it so far, good read!)