Michael Jackson is laid to rest, an angel he was.

Michael Jackson was finally laid to rest tonight. And I do hope people will just let him be. The music he made will forever remain a part of our culture. He was more than the King of Pop, he was a hero to anyone who wanted to authentically express themselves and not conform to what society dictated. Michael was an amazing talent, who taught so many how to dance, and inspired so many singers to try to follow in his footsteps. He was also an activist who fought to make the world a better place, and endorsed so many causes. Even in the lyrics of some of his songs he challenged the human race to acknowledge many important social and humanity issues. I love what he symbolized and I feel a loss that he’s graduated on. However, he will always have a place in our world, for he was an angel whose presence touched so many hearts and lives. God bless you Michael, those vultures can’t touch you now! May you come back as a dove, or a flower or whatever else your beautiful spirit manifests to be. I know the attacks on you provoked troubles for you during your time here, but all that you gave is what matters, and that was a whole lot of light. I’m sending love to you, and a rose.

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