Beyonce Hosts Album Screening Celebrating Release of Her Self-titled Visual Album @ School of Visual Arts Theatre

Beyoncé during the Q&A following the screening

Wow! Beyonce’s new visual album is a photographic masterpiece with inspiring messaging.
 Last weekend I attended the screening in which she hosted at the School of Visual Arts Theatre. I am so proud of her for making her own rules and changing the game. It’s funny to see Target and Amazon throw a temper tantrum and refuse to sell her album just because she is standing up for her true worth and making decisions which most benefit her artistry and personal interests, not the interests of the ol’ boys club de’ industry. The album adds to this feminist rising with multiple songs which shined a light on equality and female empowerment issues.

Model Shaun Ross (left) is featured in both Beyoncé's 'Party' and 'Pretty Hurts' music videos

with Parkwood's Shean England
Parkwood's Kwasi Fordjour


The Same Angry Mob That Lynched The Dixie Chicks (w/ Misogynistic Comments & Boycott) For Exercising Their Freedom of Speech Are Those Rallying For Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson To Spit Racist & Homophobic Rants Without Consequences

There's nothing like a strong cup of other's Hypocrisy to get me all riled up to write a new blog post. Last night I was studying the statistics about the primary demographic of people who are losing their marbles over Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson getting suspended by A&E. It turns out they are the exact same mob who went off the deep end when the Dixie Chicks voiced their opposition against the war!
So let me get this straight: Women such as the Dixie Chicks, in particular lead singer Natalie Maines, cannot speak openly about the killing of innocent civilians and unjust wars overseas, but a man such as Phil Robertson with dated ideologies can not only spit the most racist and homophobic rants but he should be praised for those prejudiced beliefs, not reprimanded? ------ Now that’s one hundred flights over the cuckoo’s nest if I ever did see!

First of all, A&E suspending him has nothing to do with “freedom of speech”. This is about a network having the freedom to distance themselves from values in which they do not condone. It is also about advertisers actually being the ones who have the freedom to place their marketing dollars wherever they choose. Phil in fact has still retained his right to spit mumbo jumbo – he now just has to find a new platform to in which to do so.

There are real consequences to inciting hate and violence. One of them is losing friends.

I would very much like the people who rallied to boycott and vilify the Dixie Chicks to do some serious self-evaluation about the inconsistency of their supposed values. You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to pick and choose.  The most vile and misogynist comments were said about the Dixie Chicks – ironically similar to the vulgar comments spewed by Robertson himself. It’s unbelievable that some people are incapable of putting a mirror up to themselves and becoming aware of their blatant and unapologetic double standards.
If I owned a company I too would kick racist and homophobic people to the curb. That negativity is soooo fifty years ago.


PHOTOS: It Was A Magical Winter Wonderland Ball at The Beautiful New York Botanical Garden - Dec. 2013

(L-R) Alison R. Minton (AccessoryGeneration.blogspot.com), philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, Dawne Marie Grannum (V.P. in Risk Management), Tiffany Frasier (New York Times style producer), Ashley NYC
Sarah Tay, founder of organic skincare line Tay (left)

attorney Tiffany Archer (right)

with Dr. Maryse Selit, Ph.D, attorney (left)

(left) Krista Stella, Senior Development Officer of The New York Botanical Garden
(L-R) Allison Ecung, Kim Hicks, and Allison Yang
(L-R) socialite Joy Marks, fashion designer Rosemary Ponzo, Ashley NYC


PHOTOS: New York City Memorial for Nelson Mandela at Riverside Church in Harlem


Actor Danny Glover Honored at UNICEF Snowflake Ball 2013; Pop Star Katy Perry Performs

Award honoree and actor Danny Glover and his wife Eliane Cavalleiro

Talk show host Katie Couric

Last night UNICEF held their annual Snowflake Ball at Ciprianis Wall Street. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and renowned actor Danny Glover received the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award which was presented to him by Hepburn’s son Luca Dotti. Singer Katy Perry performed three songs, including her latest single ‘Unconditionally’, which she said was inspired by her time in Africa working with UNICEF.

The dinner was delicious. The dinner menu was designed by popular chefs Marcus Samuelsson and Amanda Freitag. The after party, presented by The Fragrance Foundation, was upstairs from the dinner and there was fun socializing and dancing.

I really appreciate the work UNICEF does for children in need, especially in Africa. I am hoping to go to Africa next year which has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.

(L-R)  Amanda Freitag (Executive Chef/TV Personality), Susan Cummings-Findel (Sunshine Comes First), Ann Putman Marks (UNICEF), Ashley NYC

Gala co-chair Moll Anderson wins for the best dress!

(L-R) Erica Weir (UNICEF Next Gen's Programming Committee), Nicole Smith, Ashley NYC, Susann Davis, Tiffany Frasier
with Pamela Bradshaw (center) and attorney Tiffany Archer (right)
Dr. Maryse Selit, Ph.D, attorney (left) and Moll Anderson (right) 


Tyra Banks, Rosario Dawson, Ben Jealous and Noted Advocates Celebrate Lower East Side Girls Club Center for Community’s Grand Opening Gala

Actress and activist Rosario Dawson

with model and host Tyra Banks

(2nd left to right) Michel, Ben Jealous, Rev. Jacqueline J, Lewis, PH.D.

with super stylist Patricia Field

Aubree Greenberger and Adam Charles Greenberger

with DJ Roxy (center) and her sister (left)

Valerie Polanco, Lower East Side Girls Club (left), Latasha Wright, Director of Bio Base (front center), writer and singer Isabel Celeste (back center), Ashley NYC (right)

Valerie Gamache CEO of Shock RA Entertainment and activist (left) and Andre Robinson,  Executive Producer for Carbon-Fibre Media (right)

Simon Doonnan and Tziporah Salamon

Lower East Side Girls Club staff