Black Sisterhood, Success, Strength & Spirit Shines @ 2015 WEEN Awards

It was truly an inspiring evening at the 2015 WEEN Awards where numerous Black women in the entertainment industry were celebrated not only for their professional accomplishments, but for giving back to the community. Those honored were actress Regina Hall, actress Naturi, journalist Cari Champion, journalist Rocsi Diaz, CBS exec. Tiffany Smith Anoa’i, Marilyn Mosby, Esq. and singer Faith Evans.


6th Annual African American Film Critics Association Awards: Selma; Ava DuVernay; David Oyelowo; Oprah; Tessa Thompson; Gugu Mbatha-Raw; Stephanie Allain; Effie Brown; Debra Martin Chase; Donna Langley; Franklin Leonard; Susan King

Director Ava DuVernay (Selma) won Best Director
actress Tessa Thompson (Selma / Dear White People)

actress Gugu Mbatha=Raw (Beyond the Lights / Belle)

 Legacy Award winner Stephanie Allain (film producer)
BET's Robi Reed
Gil L. Roberston, AAFCA President and co-founder

feature film producer Amber Rasberry


Film producer Effie Brown was awarded for the film 'Dear White People' 

TV and film producer Debra Martin Chase is honored with the Ashley Boone Award 

Film producer Stephanie Allain accepts her award
Film producer Effie Brown's AAFCA award acceptance speech

Entertainment writer Susan King wins inaugural 'Roger Ebert Award'

Yesi Ortiz, DJ/Music Director at Power 106

The PR staff and event coordinators did an amazing job!




Oprah accepts award on behalf of Selma's win


Ava DuVernay's heart warming acceptance speech for Best Director (Selma)



'Nominate to Discriminate' (Open Letter Poem to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Regarding Their Problematic Oscar Nominations)

I was honored to meet and congratulate actor David Oyelowo for his exemplary performance as Martin Luther King in 'Selma' during the post-Golden Globes festivities

Nominate to Discriminate
by Ashley
(An Open Letter Poem to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences Regarding Their Problematic Oscar Nominations)
The Academy’s Oscar actor nominations are all white this year

What is it about Black, Brown and Yellow that you fear?

David Oyelowo’s performance in Selma is the cream of the crop

'Selma' director Ava DuVernay's talent shines brightly on top

Yet your primarily all white male jury has shut them out

Seriously?  What are these obvious snubs truly about?

Is it studio politics, money related or a slap in the face?

Whatever the reasons, your actions are a total disgrace

Nominations were announced on Martin Luther King’s birthday

If he were alive I’m sure he’d have a whole lot to say

“I had a dream that awards would be based on merit alone,

That sinister politics and exclusion would not be condoned,

Jury demographics would accurately reflect the U.S. of A.,

This year at the Oscars will be a grey, colorless day”

The people are not accepting this diversity- lock-out

They’ve created #OscarsSoWhite, can you hear them shout?

Are you uncomfortable #BlackLivesMatter ain’t backing down?

Social justice movements shake this country’s ground

We don’t need golden statues to know our people’s worth

We’ve endured discrimination and ignorance ever since birth

Yet still we have organized to make the world a better place

For our resilience and spirit are blessed by God’s grace

All stories have value, be they Brown, Yellow or Black

Eyes of the enlightened behold the integrity you lack

It will take more than barring our heroes from your stage

To disempower the ever-growing resistance and rage

We’ll protest racism and police brutality until we see peace

From Selma to Ferguson, our movement will not cease

Enjoy the Oscars this year, though it’s truly a shame

To value politics before principle in this sham of a game

Goodbye and we hope that you can sleep well tonight

Sincerely, the People - fighting the good fight