Amber Rose & Rose Bar

Last night was another long night of Fashion Week! However, the rain made me a little gloomy/lazy in the first part of the day (I will always be a California girl at heart!), so I didn’t attend some of the day fashion shows at the Bryant Park tents, and opted just to go to the parties (which are more fun anyways!) First we went to the launch of Persona Magazine, hosted by Russell Simmons and cover girl Amber Rose. Ms Rose is dating Kanye West. She’s known for her loud unique fashion, and buzz short blonde hair. She’s so mysterious, as she wears hip sunglasses inside a lot. Then we went across the street to eat at one of my favorite NYC restaurants, Pastis, a French restaurant with a fun bar. I had the salmon, super yummy! I was really proud of myself for not ordering their delicious mac-n-cheese or pomme frites. Then I went to go meet up with my friend Rachel at this massive party on top of the Bowery Hotel. She’s one of my NYC besties. Then Rachel and I went to Rose Bar, where a band was playing. It’s rainy again today, but I’m summoning my inner sunshine to give me the energy to get ready to go out for another fun filled night.

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