Diddy's 40th Birthday Party and the funnest party in NYC this month!

Sean Combs "Diddy" (formerly Puff Daddy)turned 40 this week, and of course celebrated lavishly with style at the Grand Ballroom at the legendary Plaza Hotel. It was the funnest party I have been to yet in New York City, and so many people I know from LA were there, so it was like a family reunion! Stars Jay Z (we danced our asses off during his song "Empire State of Mind), Lil Kim (love her new hair!), Bono (my dad has always loved U2), Gayle King, Spike Lee (he's such a revolutionary), Kim Kardashian (w/ mom Kris), NeNe Leaks (my favorite reality star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta"), Cassie, Rev Al Sharpton (he sure did have "good hair!" lol), Tracey Edmunds, Veronica Webb and many others partied all night like rock stars! It was amazing to talk to so many people that I look up to and respect.


Rihanna says "I AM STRONG" on 20/20

Rihanna sat down with Dianne Sawyer recently on 20/20 for the first time ever to discuss her ex-relationship with Chris Brown. Rihanna was very honest, forgiving and brave. She gave details of "the night" that made headlines, and Brown has since complained of her disclosure. If he cared so much for privacy, he should not have assaulted a public figure! If he valued his image so much, then he should not have behaved like an arrogant, abusive and savage little boy that gets violent when he doesn't get his way! He went on the Wendy Williams show last week as part of his "remorse tour" and had the audacity to criticize Rihanna for giving her testimony on 20/20, even though her words are inspiring girls and women around the world to not accept domestic violence. Once again Brown shows how self-centered he is to think that he is more important then the millions of girls and women who have been positively effected by Rihanna's interview which encouraged women to put emotions aside, and get out, before it's too late. My favorite part of the interview (which I've posted above) is when Sawyer commented on how Rihanna seemed to be the last person to be in an abusive relationship because she seemed so "confident and strong". - Rihanna interrupts her and says, "I AM strong. I didn't cause this. I didn't do it. This happened TO me, and it can happen to anybody, and I'm glad it happened to me, because now I can help girls who are going through it." It was very powerful for her to set the record straight- when a man hits a woman- it does not show his "strength", it actually shows his "weakness"- and likewise- Rihanna, or any woman, is not weak because they were attacked. The victim is only weak if she stays in the abuse. Women, minorities, spiritually free people, true artists, and oppressed individuals are not "weak" because they live in a violent, capitalistic, superficial, scared and lost environment that seeks to devalue the divine feminine and promote fear and class systems to control and degrade the masses- they are only weak if they buy into all these disgusting lies and propaganda. Physical violence is never the answer- and true power comes from inside, not from the fist. Violence does not not trump love, inside beauty, courage, feelings, faith and forgiveness. "We are strong!"


Editor @ NY Post sued for sexual harassment, sexism and racism!

Two days ago Sandra Guzman filed a lawsuit against New York Post editor Col Allan, accusing him (and others at The Post)of being sexist, racist and sexually harassing. A racist cartoon was drawn portraying President Obama as a monkey, and after Guzman complained about this offensive image, she was fired (which was a month ago). Now she is taking a stand and calling out some of her former employers for causing a hostile and uncomfortable work environment. One may ask "Why didn't she press charges before she was fired?" Well I'm sure it's not a simple answer. One answer could be is that she didn't want to be blacklisted in her professional industry as "a woman not to hire"- meaning that many women do not come forward with complaints because they feel it will jeopardize their future and security. I remember years ago when I was working for a corporation, and the person who hired me expressed that he "liked me" and wanted to go on a date". I just let it go and ignored the situation. Then when the company had to make layoffs, I didn't make the cut. I'm sure if I had "complied" with my superior's request for romantic attention, my job would have been safe. I felt that if I had pressed charges, that companies in the future would have been cautious of hiring me once they found out I made a complaint (which they could see as a "risk"- even though the true "risk" was the man who chose to break company policy by pursuing a coworker romantically). Now I wish I had told HR, because no woman should have to be harassed at work. I feel grateful now though that I have more control over my work situation, and do not have to be in a hierarchy of a company where I can't control my work environment. I'm happy that Sandra is stepping up, and I hope justice is served. I also find it appalling that the cartoon that was in the New York Post is referring to Obama as a "monkey". What I've learned about racism in my 2o's is that racist people generally do not hate "other people/races", they actually "hate themselves", and expressing racist rants is just their sick way of dealing with their own feelings of insecurities and inadequateness. To read more about this lawsuit, check out this link http://gawker.com/5401475/the-new-york-post-is-a-hellish-cauldron-of-racism-sexism-and-white-rage-lawsuit