Discriminatory Former Miss Calif. Sues For "Discrimination"

I just landed in New York City! I’ve lived in California my whole life, so I need a change. Yet before I dive into writing about all things NYC, I have one thing to express about my native home…an imposter has tainted the image of California and is threatening the pursuit of happiness for many Americans, and that would be Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California. As of a couple days ago, she is now suing the Miss California pageant for “religious discrimination”! This is so hypercritical, for she was the only one using “religion to discriminate”, when she expressed that two people loving each other is unacceptable, unless they subscribe to her narrow ideas of what’s worthy of “legal protections and dignity” or not. She thinks its ok for her to discriminate, but heaven forbid she’s “discriminated” against. For the record, she was not discriminated against; she failed to live up to her contract, and was given the boot! She is not in a place to be a spokesperson for Jesus, for he was about compassion, unity and love. Prejean is about judgment, shallowness and feels the oppression of minorities is justified! Yet, if she wants to uphold the Bible as absolute, then why is she breaking the “Thou Shall Not Lie” commandment? “It was a windy day” she says when asked about her nude photos! “Windy day” my arse! Carrie is not a victim as she pathetically tries to convey, yet the LGBT Americans who she is a spokesperson against are the real victims of her and her kind. I was so proud growing up as a Californian, for my native state paved the way in so many social change movements. The rest of the country always looked to us to progressively shake things up. Northern California produced the peace loving hippies, the revolutionary Black Panthers and collage protests. Southern California has given so much to immigration reform, and inspired the term “California love” due to the fun in the sun, mellow, relaxed optimistic bohemian like cultures. What a liberal legacy we have! Prejean is in direct opposition of everything positive my home state has contributed to this country’s evolution of humanity and social reform. Sadly, the religious right wing is lifting her up to spread their agenda of tyranny. She is more dangerous than some acknowledge! She’s also suing for “slander”, yet she’s the only one slandering same sex couples! Good God! The bottom line is Carrie is in need of attention, for her 15 minutes are almost up. Liar, bigot & entitlement issues are all things Prejean. I applaud Shanna Moakler for resigning as co-director of the pageant saying, “I want to be a role model for young women …and feel it more important to be a role model for my children.” Exactly! We must protect our children from people like Prejean who teach prejudice and lies. She’s living in a fantasy if she thinks she’s a “martyr”. I pray this nuisance of a lawsuit is dismissed! Moakler expressed through her lawyer two days ago, “Ms. Prejean’s unfortunate and bigoted statements are responsible for any public humiliation or damages to her reputation that she has claimed to have suffered.” Amen to that! Carrie, please stop embarrassing my beloved state, and go work as Sarah Palin’s secretary or something!

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