Chanel SoHo Store Opening! Coco Chanel was the original independent woman, love her!

Chanel opened up a new boutique in SoHo during Fashion Week. It was a very intimate party, and I have never seen so much fashionistas crammed into such a small space before!
People who know me know that I am a closeted hippy to a degree, and I used to not be into fashion at all. A lot of California NATIVES are jeans and T-shirts girls, no makeup. I do like the expressive part of dressing up, but I’m not a label groupie, but if I like what the actual designer stands for, then that’s a different story. What I mean is that I like Chanel for different reasons then other girls may like the brand. I don’t like Chanel for pretentious and superficial reasons. I like what the real woman, Coco Chanel, symbolized. Like Chanel, I was an orphan who had a very challenging upbringing, yet never gave up on love. I too have been let down so many times by family and society, which has inspired me to have this strong drive to make it on my own terms, no matter how hard or long it takes. Like Chanel, I own myself, no one owns me. In a time when most women felt the need to be dependent, Chanel was a pioneer who defined what it meant to be a career woman. Chanel also believed in true love, and ignored the bitter hearts around her who told her to settle. So when I wear Chanel, it’s not because I feel self worth comes from how much one’s outfit costs, but because Chanel makes me want to follow my dreams no matter how many times I hear "no", and because I know one day I am going to buy my OWN house with the profits from my OWN company. (Though I love Chanel, I will never, ever wear fur)

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively

model Shalom Harlow

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are one of the cutest Hollywood married couples!!!!!

Ashley and model/actress Molly Simms strike a pose!

Tommy Hilfiger 25 Year Anniversary Gala @ Lincoln Center

Tommy Hilfiger celebrated the 25th anniversay of his fashion line with an extravagant gala at the Lincoln Center in the middle of New York Fashion Week. Hundreds of people came out, live music was performed and many got to see the new home of Fashion Week. Sure was a fun time!

Tommy Hilfiger

Neil Patrick Harris

Fern Mallis (founder of New York Fashion Week)

Fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons

John Varvatos party

(from left) Ashley NYC, rapstar Trina, tennis star Serena William, Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland

I had a really good time at John Varvatos' party at his store. The best part was that I saw some buddies from LA who were in toen for Fashion Week. I saw Serena Willims, and she is such a trooper, not going to let the whole "bad referee call" dram keep her down. I also saw Jodi Britt, who I used to work with at the LACMA museum in LA 6 or so years ago. She now lives in LA and is an art dealer. After the mixer, some of went doen to the basement where there was a mini concert. Rocka dn roll baby, what a fun night!

w/ Jodi Britt (we used to work at LACMA together many years ago in LA)
John Varvatos (center) and his rock star buddies

Only Marc Jacobs Can Get Away With Having Four Different Parties On One Night!

The best Fashion Week party is usually Marc Jacobs, though this year her had multiple smaller parties, instead of a big blow out one like last season's party where Lady Gaga performed). After his show, there was a mixer at his SoHo store, and one at his newly opened Bleecker Street bookstore "Bookmarc", and one down the street at an art gallery (with photos taken by the very talented Brian Bowen Smith. Marc then had a party for his employees at one of may favorite venues "Paris Commune". I was invited, though I dont work for Jacobs, and there was dinner and drinks. Well, just another fun night during New York Fashion Week (which blows LA Fashion Week out of the water time ten!)

w/ Marc Jacobs @ his SoHo store

w/ Jaime Martinez, owner of Paris Commune

w/ photographer Brian Bowen Smith