LaTanya & Samuel L. Jackson and Grace Hightower & Robert De Niro Honored at The Metropolitan's 2nd Multicultural Gala

w/ honorees LaTanya Richardson Jackson & Samuel L. Jackson
(L-R) Ashley NYC, actress Lynn Whitfeild, Farhana Begum
w/ TV personality Lala Anthony
Robert and Grace Hightower De Niro accept their award

w/ Donna Williams (Audience Development Officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Donna Williams, Audience Development Officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, tells Ashley and New York: "
The Multicultural Audience Development initiative here at the museum is very
important because it makes all the cultures come together under one roof. We’re
very lucky that we so have so many different beautiful cultures represented. We
have over eighteen different cultures. This is a place where you can be educated
about art without anyone telling you anything and you can learn through history,
we’re just so pleased that people come here and that they’re inspired by our
beautiful artwork and we want to do even more of it. Every day we work very
hard, so be a part of our Met family"
LaTayna Richardson Jackson tells Ashley and New York:
"It is important that people of all cultures become a part of a museum which
we contribute so heavily to. And so I encourage everyone to come out and support
this museum because we financially support it without your tax dollars"

(L-R) attorney Shannon Hales, supermodel Tyson Beckford, Ashley NYC

(L-R) Pamela Harrison, Umberto, Cindy Bryant, Ashley NYC, Melody Curry, Aretha Owusu, Coreen Simpson, Melvin Murry

w/ philanthropist Sherry Bronfman
(L-R) Ashley NYC, attorney Shannon Hales, Deb C.
w/ Felicity Tsikiwa (Vice-Chair of the Metropolitan's College Group)
Awardee Cai Guo-Qiang's family
w/ designer Priya Scroggins
(L-R) Ashley NYC, Sade Lythcott (CEO of National Black Theatre), Irina Lazar
w/ Dexter Phillip ( CEO of cosmetic company Dex New York)

Spencer Means
w/ Ty Stone-Adams (Macy's)

(L-R) Ashley NYC, Kevin Gray (CEO of GFS Investments), Farhana Begum


Helping Our Community's Youth @ New Yorkers For Children Fall Gala

Gala co-hosts pose with awardee Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony recieves the award for his advocacy

Tennis star Serena Williams

Supermodel Selita Ebanks

The New Yorkers For Children (NYFC) Fall Gala was very inspirational to me because it hit close to home for me. Like the children and youth NYFC services, I too was a foster child who later became adopted. I have always known I would adopt children and not have my own. There are too many in need children on this planet who desperately need families, which is why I feel more people should adopt. I really appreciate the work NYFC does, and last night I felt a calling to work more with foster children like I used to do in Los Angeles with a group called Living Advantage which helped foster youth transition into adulthood. I wish I was in a financial situation where I could be a foster parent, and hopefully if my plans in NY come into fruition I just might have the security and self-sufficiency where I can welcome a child into my home. Every time I see a toddler or young child on the subway looking at me I feel this longing to be a mother. Until then, I would like to get more involved talking to foster youth. If you too would like to help foster youth in NY, go to NYFC's site: http://newyorkersforchildren.org/category/get-involved/

Supermodel Veronica Webb

Fashion designer Rachel Roy, Ashley NYC

(L-R) designer Michelle Ochs, Ashley NYC, designer Carly Cushnie

Awardee Christina Rodriguez gave an empowering and inspring testimony of her life as a foster youth

Tiffany Bowhay (center)
(L-R) Christina Rodriguez, Ashley NYC, Kadidjia Adula
Ricardo Duenas (L), Maggie Betts, film director, philanthropist (R)

Kevin Liles
(L-R) Clay Floren (movie producer), Ashley NYC, Lacary Sharpe
w/ Caren Brooks

(L=R) Ashley NYC, Dawne Marie Grannum, Rosemary Ponzo (stylist)
w/ Susan Shin

(L-R) Brenton Brown (NYFC Youth Council), Ashley NYC, Daniel Heimpel (Fostering Media Connections)

(L-R) Xaviera Batista, Ashley NYC, artist 'Elew' Eric Lewis

Kevin Liles (gala co-host) and model Selita Ebanks Model Veronica Webb
Serena Willams and Clay Floren