James Franco & Anne Hathaway Host The Oscars Tonight!

Tonight is going to be a greats Oscars! Two of my favorite actors are hosting! James Franco and Anne Hathaway are so talented, and it's bound to be a very entertaining few hours!


Help Haiti: Honoring Sean Penn. Hosted by Ben Stiller, Donna Karan, Brett Ratner, Russell Simmons, Jessica Alba, Eddie Murphy & Andre Balazs

Ashley NYC, Michel Martelly (may be Haiti's next President), Garcelle Beauvais Sean Penn accepts award

Last night I attended the ‘Help Haiti’ event honoring actor Sean Penn’s (CEO, J/P Haitian Relief Organization) advocacy in helping the people of Haiti reestablish their homes. Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Brett Ratner & Russell Simmons joined Donna Karan, Andre Harrell & Andre Balazs in hosting the event, with Jessica Alba also assisting in the silent auction. Haitian actress, Garcelle Beauvais (The Jamie Foxx Show) was also in attendance, as well as Michel Martelly (may be Haiti's next President), Hugh Jackman, Casey Affleck, Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr, Boardwalk Empire's Paz de la Huerta and others. I was really happy to see Garcelle. We've known each other for many years from L.A., and she is a genuinely warm spirit, and very talented actress. She is a great ambassador of hope for her people in Haiti, and has been using every opportunity to draw attention and resources to the aide of her homeland. Garcelle Beauvais tells Ashley and New York:

"It warmed my heart to see that so many people, including Ben Stiller, still care enough about my country (Haiti) to want to continue to help! I had tears in my eyes all night.

Garcelle and I got to meet Michel Martelly, who I am rooting for to be the next president of Haiti. Please listen to this radio interview with him: http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/forum/living-in-the-dr/general-info/4385/Sweet-Micky-Haitis-next-President Some photos were on display for the silent auction. I purchased a heart made of stone made from Haitian earth for a hundred dollars which went towards charity. To buy your own heart stone: http://thestillerfoundation.org/ Healing Haiti and her people has always meant a lot to me. Here is one blog post I wrote when the flood happened which was in response to racist/hatemonger evangelical preacher Pat Robinson saying “Haiti made a pact with the devil”. My interpretation story/analysis is called ‘Marie: The Haitian Woman Who Refused to Make a Pact with the Devil!’ http://ashleyandnewyork.blogspot.com/2010/01/marie-hatian-woman-who-refused-to-make.html It was really nice to see so many people and friends of mine from Los Angeles; in fact, it made me very home sick. I think that’s my favorite part of Fashion Week is everyone from LA comes to town. Still, I have to stay in New York, this is my new home, and my dreams are safer here. I will go visit Cali this summer when my nephew is born. My sister Rosemary is having her first child, and this will be the first time I will be an auntie!

For more info about the helping Haiti, visit the Ben Stiller Foundation's website: http://thestillerfoundation.org/

(L-R) Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Donna Karan during auction

w/ CNN correspondant Anderson Cooper

w/ actress Jessica Alba

w/ director Brett Ratner

(L-R) Eddie Murphy, Garcelle Beauvais, Ben Stiller

w/ Ben Stiller

w/ actress Gina Gershan

w/ Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr

Paz de la Huerta from HBO's critically acclaimed series, Boardwalk Empire

(L) Michelle Rodriguez was the suprprise celebrity DJ

Garcelle Beauvais thanking event honoree Sean Penn for helping her country

(Center) ID PR's Kendall Aliment


Saks Fifth Avenue & New York Botanical Garden Celebrate Fendi event

w/ Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of New York

Fashion Week has descended upon New York! Good God! My work and personal life are crazy complicated right now, not sure if I’m really going to be able to do it up this season like I usually do. However, I have to go to at least a couple parties. Tonight I went to the Saks Fifth Avenue & New York Botanical Garden Celebrate Fendi event. As I was taking the elevator up to the 3rd floor for the party, I looked over and I recognized Jill Zarin (of Real Housewives of New York) and her husband! I have met her a couple times. I was on one episode of the show when the Countess invited me to her book launch party. Jill and the Countess are my favorite characters on that show. Actually, I'm glad Bethany left, I always felt she was a bit too mean spirited, or maybe she's just a stress case, but it doesn’t mean she has to take it out on the ladies.

I saw a lot of the usual NY divas there. Apart from Jill Zarin, I saw the always fabulous Donna D'Cruz who I know from LA, Bungalow 8's Amy Sacco (when is she gonna open up another legendary venue?), Dawne Marie Grannum, Susan Shin, fashionista Lisa Yom, Samantha Park, Bianca Kawecki. Music was provided by DJ Tonic, who was there with her equally as hip pal DJ She Rock.

It was nice catching up with the girls. I had to miss Richie Rich's party afterwards because I am behind on my deadline for my novel. Hopefully I can make it out to more Fashion Week parties. Shout out to my boy Richie Rich, I know you will have a fabulous party!
(L-R) Donna D'Cruz, Ashley NYC, Amy Sacco
(L-R) Dawne Marie Grannum, Ashley NYC, Bianca Kawecki
(L-R) Ashley NYC, DJ Tonik, DJ She Rock
(L-R) Angeline Chidowore, Samantha Park, Ashley NYC, Dorian Dittrich

Lisa Yom and Clay Floren

"I Heart Central Park" Event Hosted by The Park's Greensward Circle

Central Park's frozen lake at night

To see a frozen lake under the stars, with trees hanging over, ducks strolling, and magnificent skyscrapers and city lights in the distance is such a lovely sight! Last night I went to the annual “I Heart Central Park Event”, which was held at The Gallery inside the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center at Central Park.

As a native Californian, who lived in Lake Forrest, California for many years, I grew up surrounded with a forest of trees, and a heartbeat away from the water. After relocating to Manhattan a year ago, it’s been Central Park that has been a substantial source of me keeping my spiritual sanity, in a concrete jungle where nature is hard to come by. I am so appreciative of everyone who supports or works at the Central Park Conservancy, because without this park, and the greenery, serenity and beauty is inspires, many New Yorkers would go mad! As human beings, we come from Mother Earth, she is a part of us, she rejuvenates us. And we must protect her!!

It was a nice affair, with wine catered by Naked Grape, and sushi (a California girl’s favorite!), and the yummiest desserts ever provided by Charbennel et Walker.

I met some of the friendly and dedicated people involved in planning the event or who work for the Conservancy:

Speaking at the Greensward Circle’s – “I Heart Central Park” – annual cocktail reception, Chairman Evan Uhlick remarked that:
“The Park is truly New York City’s most valuable physical asset and provides tremendous resources and outdoor enjoyment to millions of residents and visitors. The Greensward Circle is really a manifestation of NYC Young Professionals desire to support the Conservancy’s mission, interact at lively social events, and connect with a dynamic group of individuals committed to improving Central Park. Check us out at: www.centralparknyc.org/donate/membership/

(L-R) Dawne Marie Grannum, Chairman of event Evan Uhlick, Central Park Conservancy's Rebecca Sullivan, Ashley NYC

Central Park Conservancy's Rochelle Hines

(L-R) [employees of Central Park Conservancy] Claire McClafferty, Abigail (Abby) Healy, Cheryl Bailes

cute little duckies

(L-R) Grant Lyons, Dawne Marie Grannum, Ashley NYC


Central Park Conservancy Holiday Skating Party! So fun!

(L-R) Dawne Marie Grannum, Jean Shafiroff, Ashley NYC, Sharon Bush, Terri Coppersmith, Sabrina Wirth

I had the most enjoyable time at the Central Park Conservancy Holiday Skating Party. My friend Dawne Marie Grannum invited a bunch of us girls out. After eating dinner there, we went skating. I have not been skating in a few years, and it was super fun! I even learned how to do a little hip hop dance while skating! The rink we skated on is owned by Donald Trump. There’s nothing more fun in the winter than skating in Central Park!

Terri Coppersmith (Vice President for Development and External Affairs for the Central Park Conservancy) tells Ashley and New York: "The Central Park Conservancy's annual skating party is not only great fun, but it's a wonderful opportunity for us to gather with friends of the Park, from donors to corporate partners, and thank them for their endless support in helping us restore, manage and enhance Central Park. With their dedication, the Conservancy has accomplished amazing things in the Park; never before has the Park been more beautiful or better managed than it is today."

Check out the Park’s site: www.centralparknyc.org and their Twitter (@centralparkbuzz) and Facebook (facebook.com/centralparknyc)

(L-R) Jean Shafiroff, Sharon Bush
(L-R) Jean Shafiroff, Ashley NYC, Sabrina Wirth, Sharon Bush, Dawne Marie Grannum