Paper Magazine's 25th Anniversary Gala was bananas!

I had an amazing time at Paper Magazine’s 25th Anniversary Gala tonight! What a great first big party for me to attend, for it truly encompassed everything which makes New York City…New York City! It was a diverse blend of all cultures thrown together, with champagne, loud clothes, eclectic music, the girl next door, the icon on stage, and all these full of life personalities! I went with a few girl friends, and was so surprised to see so many people I knew, many from LA. In fact, my friend Rachel and her two friends were there, and they too have made the move from LA to NY. Rachel told me about her new poetry blog, so stay tuned for more on that! Poetry’s gonna save the world! Amanda Lepore looked stunning as usual, and I finally met Andy Cohen, CEO of Bravo, one of my favorite TV networks. I am so entertained by those Real Housewives of ATL! Kanye West, his girl/singer Amber Rose and DJ Mark Ronson were drinking by us. My two highlights of the night were when Queen Latifah performed “UNITY” on stage (the crowd went bananas!) and when Liza Minnelli performed “New York, New York” (classic!). The Virgins also performed. I caught up with Mischa Barton, who I know from LA, who also now lives in NYC (filming her new show “The Beautiful Life”). And I am now seeing that living in NYC truly is “the beautiful life”. Maybe not so much on the concrete jungle outside, but definitely in the culture and human interaction. Paper Magazine is very NYC culture in the way it brings all different cultures and people together. It is the little boutique paper that made it big time! I met some of the faces of Paper, Mr. Mickey (the fabulous well dressed personality), and also Kim, (one the founders), and the editor David. I am a little intimidated from all the fashion in NYC parties, because people are so flawlessly fashionable and sharp here. I confess I’m really just a boho Cali girl who could care less about high fashion or designer brands, but I know I have to at least look the part a little bit if I’m to make it in this town. I need a fashion stylist pronto; these blue jeans and cotton shirts won’t do in NYC! Fun, fun, fun tonight was! Fashion week is almost here, and I need to get some rest so I can party like a Manhattan-ite rock star!

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