New York fashion icon Marc Jacobs gets married in St. Barts!

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs married his boyfriend Lorenzo Martone this weekend in uber chic hot spot St Barts (of course they married there, they are the Kings of style!). He is one of my favorite New York designers. I am so happy for Marc. I was introduced to him years ago backstage at one of his fashion shows during NY Fashion Week, and ever since I have gone to his shows and after parties every Fall season. His parties are indisputably the most fun, fab and exclusive during Fashion Week, and this year Lady Gaga performed at his after party (see my coverage of that party: http://ashleyandnewyork.blogspot.com/2009/09/marc-jacobs-partylady-gaga-performance.html).

Marc has always struck me as unusual because he doesn't have the same diva attitude a lot of other designers I know have. He's very sweet and humble. It saddens me that such a good hearted person in love like Marc can't get married in New York just because he loves someone who happens to be the same sex that he is. I thought it was 2010, yet some people are still stuck in cave man mentality, attacking people who are different, and stripping them of their civil rights. Anyone should be able to get married to anyone they love, and minorities should not have their civil rights voted away by the majority. I remember being a little girl and feeling so proud to be in America, the land of the free. I guess the "freedom" is only for some. :( Don't get me started, I just want to savor the happiness that Marc found someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Congrats to Marc and Lorenzo, they are such a cute couple!

Photos: (Top)- Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone at their wedding. - (Bottom)- Ashley and Marc Jacobs at his 2009 fashion show after party

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  1. Hey Ashley. I tweeted this. Thanks for the scoop!