New Year, New Decade, New Life!


Happy New Years! I'm done sleeping, I'm gonna change my life this year, no more waiting, no more excuses- just faith, discipline, love, action, optimism, and hard work!

I partied on New Years Eve at Mariah Carey's concert at Madison Square Gardens. We had a private box. Can you think of any better way to bring in a new decade then to listen to some of your favorite love songs? I certainly could not! I was born in the 80’s, so Mariah Carey was my first pop idol that I connected with. But Mariah was more then a pop sensation to many, for the lyrics of so many of her love ballads inspired people to rank love above all else, and to believe in one’s ability to accomplish one’s goals. “Vision Of Love” gave me hope that though I had a rocky childhood, that love was waiting for me in my journey. Her ballad “Hero” told me that I had the tools inside myself to take matters into my own hands, be brave, and heal from unfortunate situations in my past. “Make It Happen” inspired me to get up off my ass and get it done! And so forth.

I am taking risks this year and allowing the whirlwind of love to take hold of me, taking me to where my soul desires. Oh yes, I will eject the fear that has crippled me, break out of my self induced cast, and run towards the road that I have seen in my dreams, but that is now meant for reality. No longer am I waiting for a hero to save me. That’s right, I am going to be the hero I thought I needed in someone else. I am woman, but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn to pick up a sword and protect myself. No offense Hans Christian Anderson and The Grimm’s Brothers, but I reject your mistranslations/fairy tales that women are pathetic little childlike princesses who have to be saved. For you see, my mother is a feminist, and she tells me I can create my own destiny. The sword may be heavy, but my arms are empowered with optimism and courage. Instead of using the conventional metal plate for a shield, I will shield myself with innocent faith. You heard me- faith is more mighty then metal, violence, money and hate. I have been hanging out in this tower I was sent to for so long, but the spell the evil witches and brainwashers of this world put on me is withering away, and I see more clearly now. I see that it is ok for me to jump out the tower window and follow my heart. If a dragon approaches, my light will defend me, compassion will spare the dragon from my sword, and inspiration will transform the enraged and greedy dragon into a peaceful and giving unicorn. And the unicorn will accompany me on my journey as I seek answers, see the world and find and spread love. Call me a rebel butterfly, but I am so over this cocoon that the media has infested with lies, oppression and a brutal attack on the divine feminine. I am unleashing myself out of this cage, unfolding my wings, and flying into an abundance of light, laughter and lilies.

Photo: Ashley backstage at Madison Square Gardens

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