I moved to the Village, yay!

I finally moved to the East Village this weekend. I have had quite a spiritual experience unpacking, and getting everything organized, and now the feng shui is totally on point. A few of my friends live in the area, and I was always around, so I decided to get a place here. It's a very young, artsy, non-pretentious neighborhood, but it still trendy. There are a lot of cool bars/clubs, and yummy food. It's also a lot closer to the events and business meetings I have then Harlem is, so I will save travel time. I couldn't really focus in my last place, cuz it was so small and I felt trapped, and the environment in my building was not as chill as I am accustomed to,and my privacy was not respected, so as soon as my 3 month agreement was up I started to look for a new place. One's sanctuary (living quarters) really plays a influential role in one's mood, productiveness and creativity. I feel so free in my new spot, and feel like the Village is a place I can live long term.

This picture is of my cat Angel hopping around in my suitcase. She is so cute and always loves to help Mommy pack!

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