I miss southern California :(

As the cold weather overwhelms New York City, I feel a longing for the warmth and outside freedom I am accustomed too, and then I miss other things about California, like the upbeat and sunny energy, my friends and family, the laziness and peace, the glitz and glam, the hippies and the hype, the beach and bohos, the mellow coolness and lovely weather. I like to stay inside when it's cold, so I am turning into a hibernating bear, which is good cuz I'm getting a lot of writing done in my book, but bad because I'm not being as social as I should be. When I meet people from Cali in NYC, and they are the chill all lovin' Cali native types, I get a little (that means a lot) home sick. But then I remind myself that now is time for work, and that my business interests are more centered here in NYC, and so for now it's best to be here. And though the weather sucks in NYC (and some of the people need some major sunshine in their life!), other things make up for it. But there is only one Southern Cali in the world, and my heart will always belong to the shores and deserts of Cali. I miss how there is so much space inside and out. I miss driving in my car listening to music, and being the navigator. Sundays with my friends at the drum circle was like church. Late nights at the beach looking up at the stars. Cute cafes and coffee shops. Green this, green that. Running into people I know at the grocery store or the club. Power walking with beautiful scenery. Relaxation. BBQ every other weekend. Optimism. Up in the Hollywood Hills looking out over the bright lights. Used book stores in Silverlake, Beachwood Canyon and Los Filas. Live music all over. Shopping on Melrose or The Beverly Center. Getting lost hiking in the mountains of Malibu. Hipping out in Topanga Canyon. Like oh my gosh in the valley. Vacationing and dreams of retirement in Santa Barbara, the French Riviera of the west. I better stop writing this blog before I book a one way ticket to LAX!

Photo: Ashley- Sunbathing at Windansea Beach, San Diego, California
Video: "California Love" - Tupac

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