My 10 New Years Resolutions for 2010!

I am getting a late start getting my list of New Years resolutions. Here they are:

1- Eat more vegetarian dishes.

2- Finish writing my book this year

3- Be more disciplined

4- FORGIVE- A)- forgive family members who hurt me (and take responsibility for what I did that was hurtful to them) B)- forgive men in my past who I am allowing to influence my present by not forgiving, just let go…

5- Explore more artistic passions of mine

6- Travel as much as I can- Africa, Europe, South and Central America, Asia

7- Lose the 10 pounds I gained since I moved to New York (too much good soul food, pizza and Spanish food here- plus it's so cold that my subconscious is urging me to eat a lot to keep warm)

8- Be more self-sufficient, get my business off the ground

9- Get more involved in activism and social issues in New York

10-Floss more regularly

I know having 10 resolutions is a very tall order, but something tells me that this year I need to give 101%, wish me luck!

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