Whitney Art Museum's 2012 Gala Sure Was Lovely!

The Whitney Museum of American Art held their annual fall gala on Tuesday night.  It was cool partying in the actual galleries, such a beautiful environment. The DJ played a lot of good hip hop music at the after party, including some great throw back jams. Be sure to check out their new exhibits: http://whitney.org/Exhibitions  
Ms. Jay (America's Next Top Model)
enterpreneur Hannah Bronfman
(L-R) Meaghen Stark, Jessica Sciacchitano, Alissa Huemann, Ashley NYC
(L-R) Ashley NYC, celebrity photographer Gabrielle Revere, baker Kate Sullivan, photographer David Levinthal
(L-R) artist Mahlot Sansosa, correspondant Julie Walker, Ashley NYC

with Arielle Patrik

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