Interview with Warburg Realty's Linette Semino on the Real Estate Industry and HGTV's 'Selling New York'

Linette Semino
The much anticipated season's premiere episode of HGTV's hit show Selling New York, which features real estate brokers from three Manhattan real estate companies (Gumley Haft Kleier, CORE, and Warburg) introduced a new agent, Linette Semino, an Associate Broker with Warburg Realty. In 2010, Linette appeared in the final episode of MTV'sThe City’ where she showed a lead cast member an apartment in Murray Hill. When Linette is not selling high-end properties throughout Manhattan, she is supporting prestigious charitable and philanthropist organizations. She has become a fixture in the real estate industry and Manhattan's society. Ashley And New York had an opportunity to interview Linette
Linette Semino and client O'Neal McKnight in the season premiere of  'Selling New York'
Linette Semino, her husband and attorney Matt Semino, and Ashley NYC at WINTER ANTIQUES SHOW Young Collectors Night

Ashley & New York: How was your experience starring in the reality show “Selling New York”?
Semino: My experience starring in the season’s premiere episode of HGTV’s “Selling New York” was amazing. Warburg Realty is one of the four firms featured on “Selling New York,” so I was thrilled to be in the show. When I began working with recording artist O’Neal McKnight, I knew that his personality and the types of properties he was looking for would be an ideal fit for the show. In 2010, I appeared as a real estate agent on MTV’s hit show“The City,” so I already had some on-camera experience. In 2013, I will be starring in another episode of “Selling New York” where I am working to sell an exceptional loft in Chelsea. That episode will be a lot of fun!
 Ashley & New York:  How long have you been a Real Estate Broker and what do you like most about it? What are some challenges?
Semino: I obtained my Salesperson License in 2006 and my Associate Broker License in early 2012. I represent sellers, buyers, landlords, renters, and any type of residential property in New York City. What I enjoy most about being a real estate broker is that every transaction comes with its own unique set of challenges. As a natural problem solver, I find enjoyment in navigating through complicated problems and prescribing solutions to them. I also enjoy the negotiating stage of a transaction, as it is the most delicate step of the process and where I have to be the most diplomatic. On the other hand, my least favorite aspect of my profession is the “waiting period” between a contract being signed and the closing which could take 3-5 months.
Today’s real estate sales professionals face many challenges. In New York City, the most impactful challenges are low housing inventory and a very strict lending environment where not only the buyers have to be approved by the lenders, but also the buildings where the units are located need to be approved. In addition, the financial fiscal cliff and the possibility of higher capital gains and personal income taxes in 2013 are currently suppressing buyers’ and sellers’ confidence in the economy. The rental market also has its own unique set of challenges. Rental rates in 2012 are 3% higher than they were in 2011 and there is also a significant lack of inventory. Many of the other challenges we face are related to the actual real estate transactions. Despite how complicated this profession can be at times, it is also very financially and personally rewarding.
 Ashley & New York:  What are some misconceptions about the real estate industry?
Semino: In my opinion, the main misconception about the real estate industry is that sales agents are not hardworking people. This is a false impression because the majority of agents work six or seven days a week. We work on commission, so this business isn’t always fun and games as most people think it is. To be successful in this industry, an agent has to be extremely available and accommodating. This industry is very demanding and sales agents work very hard.
 Ashley & New York:  What is some advice you would give to those considering a career in the real estate business?
Semino:  Anyone considering becoming a real estate salesperson needs to examine the different brokerages and understand how these companies operate. Most importantly, I’d advise that they thoroughly assess their personal finances to see if they have the ability to cover their expenses for at least a year. I truly believe that it takes 2-3 years for new brokers to begin building their network and to start making money; that is unless they have a lot of wealthy contacts who become their clients at the outset.
See season premiere of ‘Selling New York’ starring Linette and recording artist O’Neal McKnight: http://youtu.be/YgtFxLGZxSQ
Linette Semino’s website: www.LinetteSemino.com


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