Saks Fifth Avenue & New York Botanical Garden Celebrate Fendi event

w/ Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of New York

Fashion Week has descended upon New York! Good God! My work and personal life are crazy complicated right now, not sure if I’m really going to be able to do it up this season like I usually do. However, I have to go to at least a couple parties. Tonight I went to the Saks Fifth Avenue & New York Botanical Garden Celebrate Fendi event. As I was taking the elevator up to the 3rd floor for the party, I looked over and I recognized Jill Zarin (of Real Housewives of New York) and her husband! I have met her a couple times. I was on one episode of the show when the Countess invited me to her book launch party. Jill and the Countess are my favorite characters on that show. Actually, I'm glad Bethany left, I always felt she was a bit too mean spirited, or maybe she's just a stress case, but it doesn’t mean she has to take it out on the ladies.

I saw a lot of the usual NY divas there. Apart from Jill Zarin, I saw the always fabulous Donna D'Cruz who I know from LA, Bungalow 8's Amy Sacco (when is she gonna open up another legendary venue?), Dawne Marie Grannum, Susan Shin, fashionista Lisa Yom, Samantha Park, Bianca Kawecki. Music was provided by DJ Tonic, who was there with her equally as hip pal DJ She Rock.

It was nice catching up with the girls. I had to miss Richie Rich's party afterwards because I am behind on my deadline for my novel. Hopefully I can make it out to more Fashion Week parties. Shout out to my boy Richie Rich, I know you will have a fabulous party!
(L-R) Donna D'Cruz, Ashley NYC, Amy Sacco
(L-R) Dawne Marie Grannum, Ashley NYC, Bianca Kawecki
(L-R) Ashley NYC, DJ Tonik, DJ She Rock
(L-R) Angeline Chidowore, Samantha Park, Ashley NYC, Dorian Dittrich

Lisa Yom and Clay Floren

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