Help Haiti: Honoring Sean Penn. Hosted by Ben Stiller, Donna Karan, Brett Ratner, Russell Simmons, Jessica Alba, Eddie Murphy & Andre Balazs

Ashley NYC, Michel Martelly (may be Haiti's next President), Garcelle Beauvais Sean Penn accepts award

Last night I attended the ‘Help Haiti’ event honoring actor Sean Penn’s (CEO, J/P Haitian Relief Organization) advocacy in helping the people of Haiti reestablish their homes. Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Brett Ratner & Russell Simmons joined Donna Karan, Andre Harrell & Andre Balazs in hosting the event, with Jessica Alba also assisting in the silent auction. Haitian actress, Garcelle Beauvais (The Jamie Foxx Show) was also in attendance, as well as Michel Martelly (may be Haiti's next President), Hugh Jackman, Casey Affleck, Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr, Boardwalk Empire's Paz de la Huerta and others. I was really happy to see Garcelle. We've known each other for many years from L.A., and she is a genuinely warm spirit, and very talented actress. She is a great ambassador of hope for her people in Haiti, and has been using every opportunity to draw attention and resources to the aide of her homeland. Garcelle Beauvais tells Ashley and New York:

"It warmed my heart to see that so many people, including Ben Stiller, still care enough about my country (Haiti) to want to continue to help! I had tears in my eyes all night.

Garcelle and I got to meet Michel Martelly, who I am rooting for to be the next president of Haiti. Please listen to this radio interview with him: http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/forum/living-in-the-dr/general-info/4385/Sweet-Micky-Haitis-next-President Some photos were on display for the silent auction. I purchased a heart made of stone made from Haitian earth for a hundred dollars which went towards charity. To buy your own heart stone: http://thestillerfoundation.org/ Healing Haiti and her people has always meant a lot to me. Here is one blog post I wrote when the flood happened which was in response to racist/hatemonger evangelical preacher Pat Robinson saying “Haiti made a pact with the devil”. My interpretation story/analysis is called ‘Marie: The Haitian Woman Who Refused to Make a Pact with the Devil!’ http://ashleyandnewyork.blogspot.com/2010/01/marie-hatian-woman-who-refused-to-make.html It was really nice to see so many people and friends of mine from Los Angeles; in fact, it made me very home sick. I think that’s my favorite part of Fashion Week is everyone from LA comes to town. Still, I have to stay in New York, this is my new home, and my dreams are safer here. I will go visit Cali this summer when my nephew is born. My sister Rosemary is having her first child, and this will be the first time I will be an auntie!

For more info about the helping Haiti, visit the Ben Stiller Foundation's website: http://thestillerfoundation.org/

(L-R) Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Donna Karan during auction

w/ CNN correspondant Anderson Cooper

w/ actress Jessica Alba

w/ director Brett Ratner

(L-R) Eddie Murphy, Garcelle Beauvais, Ben Stiller

w/ Ben Stiller

w/ actress Gina Gershan

w/ Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr

Paz de la Huerta from HBO's critically acclaimed series, Boardwalk Empire

(L) Michelle Rodriguez was the suprprise celebrity DJ

Garcelle Beauvais thanking event honoree Sean Penn for helping her country

(Center) ID PR's Kendall Aliment


  1. Ashley NYC, this event looked awesome! Wish I was there; thanks for making me feel I was -- great pix.

  2. it looks life fun