Central Park Conservancy Holiday Skating Party! So fun!

(L-R) Dawne Marie Grannum, Jean Shafiroff, Ashley NYC, Sharon Bush, Terri Coppersmith, Sabrina Wirth

I had the most enjoyable time at the Central Park Conservancy Holiday Skating Party. My friend Dawne Marie Grannum invited a bunch of us girls out. After eating dinner there, we went skating. I have not been skating in a few years, and it was super fun! I even learned how to do a little hip hop dance while skating! The rink we skated on is owned by Donald Trump. There’s nothing more fun in the winter than skating in Central Park!

Terri Coppersmith (Vice President for Development and External Affairs for the Central Park Conservancy) tells Ashley and New York: "The Central Park Conservancy's annual skating party is not only great fun, but it's a wonderful opportunity for us to gather with friends of the Park, from donors to corporate partners, and thank them for their endless support in helping us restore, manage and enhance Central Park. With their dedication, the Conservancy has accomplished amazing things in the Park; never before has the Park been more beautiful or better managed than it is today."

Check out the Park’s site: www.centralparknyc.org and their Twitter (@centralparkbuzz) and Facebook (facebook.com/centralparknyc)

(L-R) Jean Shafiroff, Sharon Bush
(L-R) Jean Shafiroff, Ashley NYC, Sabrina Wirth, Sharon Bush, Dawne Marie Grannum

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