Happy Valentines Day- be patient, you and your soulmate will unite!

Happy Valentines Day belated! People are always using the term -hope"less" romantic-, and maybe that's how they feel. But I always identify as a hopeFULL romantic- meaning that I'm not jaded into not believing that there is that special someone in the world for me. Though other people's misery may like company, I have faith that my soul mate and I are bound to unite soon enough. What I tell my friends who identify as "hopeless" romantics-, is to stop speaking into the universe that they will not find true love. But the main thing I stress to my girlfriends is that YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE TRUE LOVE WILL COME TO YOU FROM SOMEONE ELSE. I was not always so hopeful though. There was a time that I was pressured from society into thinking I "needed" someone else to complete me, or to "save me". Now I know I am complete on my own, and when I do meet my special someone, he will also be complete on his own, and together we will live and love side by side, but not "need" each other. "Needing" is not a healthy thing. An emotionally healthy and aware person does not want to be the "reason" their mate is happy, they want their mate to be "independently happy", and for their union to just be an "additional happiness". Ladies- you can't wait to be saved by some knight in shining armor, you must be that knight to yourself (and yes, women are knights too!). Be patient when it comes to love, and just trust that when it's time, it will happen. And don't block yourself off from your soul mate by settling for a substitute "almost love" just because you are scared that your soul mate got lost on his way to find you. Marrying someone just for security, with no love, could be like a slow death of the spirit to some. Its not worth it! Trust me- I have given into my fears before and even convinced myself I was meant to be with someone- only to find out it was a spell meant to enslave me. Breaking away from falsehoods is the most liberating thing ever. Don't be a victim of the brainwashing of fairy tales! Just like Beyonce told Oprah "Have your own life before you marry!". I do believe in laws of attractions- so just know that true love does exist! Be kind too yourself, and take time to care for YOU too! Be your own Valentine- everyday! You are worth it! Coming to New York was the best thing for me. For a decade the city of LA told me true love did not exist- and that women are nothing but objects- and that superficial external security was all that mattered. It hurt to my feelings- but I always kept my faith and knew Mother Life had a plan for me. Even when the media attacked the divine feminine- and sought to destroy the harmonious union of yin and yang energy- I just kept reading my books that told me that love was more powerful then fear- and that I did not have to sign any bogus contract that my heart did not want to! Happy Valentines Day, big bear hugs,and unconditional love always, Ashley

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