EMI Post Grammy Party @ The W Hotel Hollywood

So the week long saga of Grammy madness ended for me at the EMI party at the W Hotel Hollywood. I ran into some friends of mine, and it was great to catch up. I ran into EMI's new artist, Eva Simons was there (and has the coolest hair ever!) with her manager Liz Balog of Stealth Entertainment. Check out Eva's son "Silly Boy" online, it's hot! It was also good for business, as I met some people who are very interested in the projects I am doing in New York. As I went home, I was actually relieved that all these Grammy events are over, because it can be a little overwhelming having to be a 4 places at once for 5 days in a row! But all the running around was worth it to stay in touch with associates and friends, and I know some helpful business and artist collaborating opportunities came of it. I'm so happy that I can go back to NYC, as even though it was a productive few weeks, I know why I left LA in the first place, and those things have not changed, and even if its crazy cold in NYC, my artwork is more appreciated there, so I gotta go!

Bottom Photo (Music manger Liz Balog, singer Eva Simons, Ashley)

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