Cinco de Mayo Reminder: Um, We Never "Crossed The Border", The 'Border' Crossed Us! Stop Anti-Mexican Sentiment Laws in Arizona & Around The Country! Viva La Revolution!

Before we "crossed the border", the border crossed us!

My mother is Mexican American, our ancestors were here before any white, black or yellow people. So on this Cinco de Mayo, please remember real history.

Protest Arizona's anti-Mexican laws. Stand for laws that treat un-documented workers as human beings. Be aware that the main reason people in Mexico are coming over here to work is because they have no choice, or their families will starve. This is because of the unjust relationship between the US government and the rich tyrants in Mexico that have created agreements that only benefit the corporations and elite, and make the poor even more destitute. Stop blaming your problems on undocumented workers and direct the blame where it truly belongs: The 1%.

Sending Cinco de Mayo hugs to all shades of brown and allies today! Viva la Revolution!

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