Patrick McMullan & David Foox Host 'Year of the Rabbit Party' Filled With Artwork, Ambiance & Awesome Acquaintances

Patrick McMullan (L), artist David Foox (center)

w/ R. Couri Hay

(L-R) - Kathleen Giordano, Ashley NYC, Dr. Penny Grant, Jean Shafiroff, Dawne Marie Grannum

Last night was an art gallery event and red carpet reception at The Sanctuary Hotel which was hosted by Patrick McMullan and David Foox. Hank and Brandon Fried, and R. Couri Hay presented a reception showcasing rabbit- themed artwork of acclaimed artist David Foox alongside photos taken by Patrick McMullan from over the years.

It was a nice art showing, and it is a lovely venue. It was nice to see so many pals of mine attend. A lot of tastemakers and fashionistas came out.

2011 is the year of the rabbit. David Foox tells us:

"The Constellation Rabbits are a shout out to all those people that don't fit into society and those that believe their destiny rests somewhere out there in the stars. The Constellation Rabbits represent that step in human consciousness in which humanity started drawing pictures from the dots of heaven. Constellations are a uniquely human experience and awaken in me an unmistakable longing to be amongst them"

According to David’s definition, I must be a rabbit, always felt like I didn’t fit in. It’s ok to be you. I’m excited where the year of the rabbit is taking us. 2012 will be the year of the dragon. They say it will be the birth of a collective consciousness awakening then. It’s not “the end”, it’s actually the beginning. Don’t let fear kid you otherwise. It’s time for us all to let our light shine through!!!

(L-R)- Ashley NYC, CiCi Ramirez, Hannah Bronfman

(L-R) - Aesha Waks, Liam McMullan, Ashley NYC

align="center"> w/ Antaya Calder
(L-R) publicist Lisbeth Cervantes, Ashley NYC, designer Alicia Kim, Kendra Revell
w/ artist Dixie (L) and Michelle Travis (R)

CHECK OUT David Foox' 'Making of the Constellation Rabbits' video:

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