John Varvatos party

(from left) Ashley NYC, rapstar Trina, tennis star Serena William, Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland

I had a really good time at John Varvatos' party at his store. The best part was that I saw some buddies from LA who were in toen for Fashion Week. I saw Serena Willims, and she is such a trooper, not going to let the whole "bad referee call" dram keep her down. I also saw Jodi Britt, who I used to work with at the LACMA museum in LA 6 or so years ago. She now lives in LA and is an art dealer. After the mixer, some of went doen to the basement where there was a mini concert. Rocka dn roll baby, what a fun night!

w/ Jodi Britt (we used to work at LACMA together many years ago in LA)
John Varvatos (center) and his rock star buddies

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